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5 Natural Ways to Clean your Tile

5 Natural Ways to Clean your Tile

Do you want to avoid using chemicals for cleaning your tile? Often families with toddlers or those with chemical intolerance prefer to use natural remedies to clean their tile, grout, and other home surfaces. If you are looking for a natural tile cleaner or other natural ways to clean your tile, then read on further.

Most cleaners available on Big Box Stores contain acidic chemicals that may tarnish the sheen and luster of your tile and even cause etching. Some cleaners emit harmful chemical fumes that may cause allergies to those chemically sensitive. To clean your tile naturally, you can resort to the below-mentioned remedies.


  • Herbal Dishwashing Soap and Water

This is one of the easiest ways to clean your tile. Just pour a few drops of dishwashing liquid into half a bucket of water and pour it over the tile. Using a scrubbing brush, start scrubbing the tile and grout from the corners at one end to the other end. Next, retract all the dirty water and wipe again with clean water. You will find your surface absolutely clean and sparkling.

The only problem with this remedy is that the liquid soap may not penetrate deep into the pores of porous surfaces and may not be able to render sanitization at the root level.


  • Vinegar and Baking Soda

One of the most common home remedies for cleaning tile and grout is using a mix of vinegar and baking soda. Just make a paste of baking soda with vinegar and apply it over your dirty tile and grout. Start scrubbing using a scrubbing brush or tool. Vinegar is slightly acidic and baking soda is alkaline. Together, these two help to remove all the dirt and impurities on the surface, rendering a thoroughly clean and sanitized tile and grout.

You should refrain from using too much vinegar for cleaning tile, as it is acidic, and too much vinegar may cause etching. If you are looking for deep-rooted stain removal, then baking soda and vinegar may not be effective.


  • Lemon and Dishwashing Liquid

Lemon is considered to be a germ blaster. You can pour in a few drops of lemon and dishwashing liquid into half a bucket of water to make your own powerful solution of tile cleaner. Pour this over your dirty tile and grout to clean the dirty, stains and mold settled on the top. 

As lemon is acidic, using too much may cause the grout color to fade and it may also lead to etching.


Home Improvement Tips


  • Mouthwash with water

Using a few drops of liquid mouthwash in your tile cleaning water can make it powerful to eliminate the germs and mold on your tile and grout. 

This may not give you absolute cleanliness and shine like other cleaning remedies.

  • Liquid Soap with Essential Oils

Adding essential oils like Eucalyptus, Citronella, and Peppermint in your bucket of cleaning water. You will not only manage to get a lovely fragrance but also make your surface germ-free. Adding a few drops of liquid soap to this solution will help in removing stains.

This mixture may not be useful in eliminating dense stains or deep-rooted mold.

These are some of the best natural ways to clean your tile and grout. If you want to indulge in Do-it-Yourself cleaning, you can use either of the above-mentioned remedies. You can also purchase a natural tile cleaner that is also deep-penetrative and strong to clean your surfaces. There are many herbal cleaners available on the market that do not contain any harmful chemicals. If you do not have the time to perform the cleaning yourself, you can hire a tile cleaning service.


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