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Cloud Computing & Storage Facilities – Saving your data up in the Clouds?

Saving Data in Early Times vs protecting and securing it today

Living in the modernized environment of today surrounded by information technology which we all depend on thoroughly, we require several services that pertain to the security of relevant information. Saving information back in the early days was a challenge itself. Keeping manual records on papers and files and locking them in a secret cupboard was a traditional practice that lasted for a more extended period. However, asking our grandparents about what storing information was in the early days, they would still believe it is practiced today. For sure, this is not the case anymore. We all live in a technically-advanced era where everything is computerized, even the security of your personal and discrete information. 


Cloud Computing and Storage Facilities

Yet, there remains the question of “Is your data safe on computer systems?” As all of our critical researchers at law essay writing service UK belong from the field of technology, they can surely assist you with providing the relevant and authentic information being the most suitable for your data security needs today. 


Reverting to just a couple of years ago, everyone made secret folders to secure personal and confidential stuff. These folders were usually hidden from others who had access to the computer except us. However, none of us had an idea that there are others we don’t know yet who are interested in mocking our systems and stealing our information silently with hacking and illegal infiltration. Till the time external storage devices such as portable USBs and External Hard Disks were available, which we all use today extensively, there were several reports regarding data security breaches. They all alarmed us to remain alert for any further risky activities that could be experienced.

The Beginning of Cloud Storage Era

Not just data safety and security needs, but as the commercial practices in the environment accelerated, existing storage in computer systems went short, and ultimately they slowed our computer systems significantly. There had been a point at which we all frustrated just deleted a majority of useful data to make some space. Was this the right move? Certainly not, as every piece of information has its discrete significance. It could be utilized at any time in the future. 

Hence, to keep data safe from being deleted and maintaining our computer systems’ performance efficiency, we were introduced to cloud computing and storage facilities back in the year 2015. We now understand what cloud computing certainly does not mean saving your data up in the skies. But hypothetically, it can have a similar meaning. There is no suitable location where your data gets stored, but it does not require substantial storage spaces in your systems because storage expansion is still a costly option that we all would think twice to obtain unless there is a very urgent need. 


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Google was the first to introduce its cloud storage option by the name of Google Drive. Starting with a 4 GB data storage facility space, it indeed attracted a lot of us to save our important documents. Which no one else could retrieve without a unique access key. Apple was the successor of Google to come forward with its iCloud service. Yet limiting its usage to the Apple ecosystem. As the demand grew, the available storage space was increased by the companies. Today, by paying comparatively minimal subscription fees, a couple of terabytes (TBs) of space can be utilized for cloud storage. 

Have we benefited through Cloud Storage? 

Yes, we undoubtedly have benefited through the availability of cloud storage services as critical characteristics. These characteristics make the aspect more attractive for being adapted and implemented extensively, and we all are well-aware of them. Some of them can include:

  • Accessible anywhere just through a single tap-authentication on smart devices
  • Easy to use for beginners while having advanced options for filtering and data-compartments 
  • Setting limits to when a particular file can be discarded to save additional space costs.
  • Quick transfer and download options available through a user-friendly interface such as Google Drive

Today, we can witness cloud computing being used in every organization. It has encouraged communication, along with transparency in routine responsibilities. Having excuses for crucial information availability has been eliminated successfully from the environment, and people are fonder of wireless technology. 


What can be done for Further Improvements?

As a mere suggestion, it is rather beneficial to invest in improving the infrastructure for cloud computing. Individuals should be given relevant training, enabling them to keep their personal data secured from potential vulnerabilities. We should be inclined to learn from organizations that have benefited extensively as motivators for others.

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