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Step by Step Guide for Eunseo Bot Commands[With Examples]

In the past, outdoor games were popular. However, in the 20s era, the popularity of indoor games rose and with the advancement of technology, computer and mobile games are gaining hype. Playing games is extremely fun and if the game is being played on entertaining bots, it would be super fun.

Eunseo bot is one of them. It takes extraordinary thinking and complete passion to play games on bots. As the Eunseo bot is gaining huge popularity, we have taken the responsibility of letting you know about every piece of information related to the Eunseo bot discord and Eunseo bot commands.

Eunseo Bot Command List

If you want to know the various Eunseo bot commands and their purpose, check the list given below:

1) Daily Commands

Command Description
/work You can use this command to claim 100 gems every 20 minutes
/w This is a shortcut command for the /work
/daily The purpose of this command is to claim 500 gems every 20 hours
/vote You can use this command to collect 500 gems after watching a short ad every 12 hours
/balance This command can be used to check your total gems and peanuts.
/cds This command can be used to see the time remaining for the /work, /daily, and /vote commands.
/quest This command will check your daily, weekly and monthly quests for gems or peanuts.

2) Utility Commands

Command Description
/help Quick guide to Eunseo
/rules It will help you view the rules to the bot.
/profile Through this command, you can see your profile, current cards, memberships, favorites and a lot more
/profile user: discord id Thi will help you check other user’s profile
/profile new_bio: insert new bio To change your bio
/profile featured_card: 12345 This will help you put any card of your choice.
/event You can use this command to view the current and upcoming event.
/lottery Check for any upcoming lottery events.
/opengift This will help you open any gifts received from completing groups, eras or idols.

3) Gacha Commands

Command Description
/gacha Used to pull cards! Can choose to pull one of the 10 cards with the help of 100 gems
/inv Used to see your own or another player’s inventory. There are nine filters here which are user, query, group, era, idol, rarity, fav, unfav, type
/fav cards Favorite cards by typing the ID of the card
/fav last Favorite the last card/cards pulled, up to a maximum of 10 pulls.
/unfav This command will help you remove a card/cards from your fav list.
/burn cards This command will burn cards by typing the ID of the card.
/burn last It will burn the last card/ cards you pulled, up to a maximum of 10 pulls
/burn all Burn every card in your non-favorites(unfav)

4) Trade Commands

/auc This can be used to check auctions
/sell card This can be used to sell card by using the ID of the cards
/sell last The last card you have received can be sold using this command
/bid This will put a bid on the available card
/trade This command is used to start trade with another player
/add Using this command, you can add cards for trade
/accept This command will help you finish a trade
/cancel Using this command, you can cancel an active trade
/buy This will help you buy inventory expansions

These commands are used in Eunseo bot Dicsord. Well, what is a Eunseo bot Discord? If you don’t know anything about it, we will let you know about it. Just read ahead!

What is the Eunseo Bot Discord?

So what is Eunseo bot Discord? Well, it is simple a card game that can be played simply. This game can be played with k-pop groups and soloists. You will get new challenges from the bot which you need to complete on a daily basis. The challenges and events will keep on changing every day or week depending on the performance of the group. So, the game will be exciting instead of dull. For those who get bored in their leisure time, this card game would be super fun. On the basis of group outcomes, there are chances to win event cards.

Alexandre founded the Eunseo bot Discord. Let’s find out what is the reason behind its name. Well, there is a K-pop singer Eunseo, inspired by her, the name is kept as Eunseo bot. Users can have an amazing experience while playing this game.

Features of Eunseo Bot

There are some amazing features of Eunseo Bot which are given in the pointers below:

  • Players will get new events every day and get a chance to win gems. They can buy new items and customize their cards using these gems.
  • Players will have control over managing inventory.
  • With the help of the rare group and legendary cards, players take a lead in the game.
  • By getting more and more cards, players can unlock special events in the game.

Steps to Send Invite on Eunseo Bot

The right procedure and all the steps to invite Eunseo bot are given below:

Step 1: First, you need to click on the “Invite Button“.

Eunseo Bot Invite Button

Step 2: At this step, you need to “Choose the Server” where the bot is required.

Step 3: Allow the “Requested Permissions” for further process.

Step 4: Enter the “Captcha” and wait for a few minutes.

The Eunseo bot will be added to the server but make to confirm it by checking the icon on the right sidebar.

Steps to Play Eunseo Bot

If you want to play the Eunseo bot, here are the steps you can follow:

Step 1: Collect the gems. To do so, you can use various slash commands such as ‘/daily’, ‘/work’ and ‘/vote’.

Collect the gems ‘daily’, ‘work’ and ‘vote’

Step 2: Now, get the gacha card to lay the game by using /gacha command.

Step 3: Complete the groups of your choice to receive the legendary card as a reward.

Step 4: Finally, purchase the Trade card by using the commands such as ‘/trade’, and ‘/auc’.

You can also check the new Eunseo card id list by joining the Eunseo server. So, start playing the Eunseo bot and collect your favorite cards.

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, if you already play Eunseo bot discord, you can use these commands to enhance your gaming experience. However, if you haven’t played a bot game yet, this article will blow your mind to play this card game and use these exciting bot commands.

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