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Gorgeous Flowers You Can Choose For Loved One’s Special Occasions 

 Gorgeous Flowers You Can Choose For Loved One’s Special Occasions

Occasions like birthdays, wedding, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, bridal shower, baby shower, convocation day, etc. are really very special and some of these happen only once in your lifetime, thus making them even more special. Special occasions like these deserve to be celebrated with your loved ones right by your side, or in some cases, right on the opposite side of your phone or laptop screen. 

Whether you are right by your loved one’s side on their special day or you are thousands of miles away, don’t forget to make them feel loved and important- after all, this day really is all about them. While it’s easier to make people feel special when you are physically present with them, it might get a little harder to do so from a distance. But either way, there are a million ways to do it. 

One of the most popular ways to make someone feel special is by giving them fresh flowers- this is something that even your grandparents and great grandparents have also done. It worked then, it works now and will always work. After all, the magical powers of flowers to make people feel good is something that never really fades away. 

If you are wondering which flower would be the most suitable for your loved one’s special occasions like their birthday, wedding reception, anniversary, bridal shower, house warming, baby shower, or any other day that’s close to their heart- you have come to the right place. We are here to help you out with the most suitable flowers for your loved one’s special days- go through the list to know more. Send flowers to Mumbai or wherever your near and dear ones are residing- it’s now simple like never before.

Top 5 fresh flowers that are perfect for your loved one’s special occasions- 

  • Roses

There’s no occasion for which you can’t give a beautiful bouquet of roses to your loved ones. Be it their birthday, wedding, house warming, the death anniversary of their close ones, wedding anniversary, or any other important day in their lives- Roses suit each and every occasion. Not only does this beautiful flower come in a wide variety of colour options, but they also come in different shapes and sizes, and thus for various prices too. With its beautiful look and stunning fragrance- it’s without doubt known as the king of all flowers and the winner of hearts. 

  • Hydrangeas 

Unique and elegant- Hydrangeas are perfect if you want to make someone feel loved and important. Hydrangeas can very easily convey your feelings for your loved ones and can immediately bring a smile to the recipient’s face. Hydrangeas come in a variety of colour options and the fact that they are not too common is what makes the gift even more special. 

  • Carnations

Carnations are beautiful and pretty popular among loved ones. They come in both bright colours such as orange and purple, as well as soft colours like light pink and white. Therefore, no matter which kind of colour your loved one prefers- you will find this gorgeous flower in that shade. The best part is, they can be made a part of all types of flower arrangements, for example, vase arrangement, bouquet arrangement, hanging flower arrangement, etc. 

  • Orchids

Out of the few thousand flowers that we know of, Orchids definitely are one of the most beautiful and elegant ones. It signifies love and affection and is perfect for every kind of relationship.  So no matter who you want to give this beautiful flower to, it’s not going to be an issue. 

  • Sunflowers 

Bright and beautiful, Sunflowers symbolise happiness and positivity. They are the perfect flower if you want to bring a smile on someone’s face. Not only are they suitable for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, etc. but they would even be a beautiful gift on a random day. For example, you can send a beautiful bunch of bright and bold fresh Sunflowers to wish someone a good morning or a beautiful day ahead. 

Flowers are a very thoughtful gift- no matter who you are giving them to or when. In fact, order one right away for a loved one of yours to make them feel special- be it a Lilies bouquet online or a gorgeous red rose bouquet!

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