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How Small Businesses Can Conduct Market Research Without Spending Big Bucks

Market research is an essential process for small businesses to know their target audience. It is required while providing a solution with the product and create strategies for marketing. However, the research agencies often exaggerate the cost and efforts associated with market research to create value for their services.

You don’t need help from some researchers in the age of social media and the internet. There are numerous tools available on the internet to understand customer behavior and expectations. They will help you gain insight with minimum effort, time, and expense. 

Here, we have mentioned those affordable ways for small businesses to conduct market research online without some agency help. 

  • Analytics Tools

Analytics tools are the industry standard to measure website performance through different metrics. You can use these tools to find the traffic, average time spent on a webpage, unique visitors, and more details about the site’s performance. They help find the target audience and their internet activities.

The sources through which these customers landed on your site play a critical role in the marketing strategy. You will identify the platforms used by your audience and some underperforming platforms as well. Moreover, the tools also compare the top performers from the industry to identify the areas that require improvement.

These tools come with online services that help businesses to manage their website. Nonetheless, you can buy third-party software to get a deep insight into customer interaction and their demography. Take loans for bad credit with no guarantor and on benefits to cover the cost of these tools and the overall marketing campaign. 

  • Questionnaires and Polls

The traditional questionnaires and polls are still relevant, but the method has changed. You don’t need a representative to conduct polls or invite the audience to your office for questionnaires. Social media and other online platforms provide brands with the option to conduct them at a minimal cost. 

It is easier than ever to conduct an online poll on the official page of your brand. You can also use the online community to post a poll. However, the reaction is not guaranteed since you cannot force the questions on a platform where people come to relax. 

  • Online Groups 

The offline focus groups can get expensive with all the setups and search for the volunteers. The online focus groups simplify the whole process with space to quickly find volunteers. Moreover, the charges are significantly lower than in physical meetings.

You need to find the site with the target audience through a simple Google search. The providers start collecting feedback once enough people have signed up for the group. You will receive a detailed report with a visual representation of the feedback.

  • Beta Testing Programmes

You can ask the online community to test your application or website before rolling out the official version. It is quite common with a beta testing program available in the App Store and Play Store itself. The beta testing should remain free-to-use to invite enough audience without wasting time.

The users will run the application on different devices to check their compatibility and possible bugs. Not only the websites and apps, but you can also use beta testing for any services or products. You will be providing free samples to find the opinion of the audience. 

  • Targeted Surveys

Online platforms are one of the best places to market your product because of the targeted audience. You are spending money on an audience with similar interests or internet activities. Therefore, the chances of wasted efforts are incredibly small compared to television or radio. 

You can use the targeted audience to offer surveys and quizzes with ads. These platforms allow select user locations, age, gender, interest, and many more details. 

  • Customer Engagement and Promotion 

Businesses are inviting customers to offer input and feedback with their ideas. The difference between the above polls and quizzes, and this engagement is the incentives. You can offer them some promotions with a shoutout or special prize if the ideas are worth implementing.

You will also receive some word-to-mouth benefits with the introduction of incentives on feedback. Moreover, the customers will themselves promote your product that will increase engagement.

  • Community Interactions and Industry Leaders 

Small businesses must interact with the online community to gain meaningful insights. This includes posting comments on accounts of some industry leaders. This will increase the brand presence, and you may get the answers from the experts at free-of-cost. You can make use of language translators like ISM Malayalm to convert any language into Malayalam. 

You can also ask some industry leaders to share their opinion on your platform. Both the expert and your brand will gain exposure from the interaction. Moreover, you will gain invaluable information about the industry and customers from the experts. 


To sum up, businesses can conduct market research all by themselves to save money. A data-driven marketing approach is critical for success in the competitive environment of the 21st century. Therefore, spend some time understanding the audience before you create a marketing campaign. 

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Some affordable methods to conduct market research are mentioned in this blog to help small businesses gain market insight. 

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