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How to clear Defence exam in first attempt ?

Qualifying any Defence exam on the first attempt is a challenging task but not impossible. Dedication and hard work go together to achieve the goals. Proper planning and a systematic timetable are the ultimate yardsticks to qualify Defence Exam and other government job exams in the first attempt. There are some significant tips to follow to qualify Defence Exam on the first attempt. Let us highlight some of them to assist the aspirants to reach the cut-off level in the upcoming attempt of AFCAT, CDS, or NDA exams.

  • Know and understand the exam pattern and syllabus

The basic need to achieve success in any of the exams is to know and understand the syllabus of the exam. CDS Coaching in Chandigarh provides the latest syllabus and exam pattern. Note down the syllabus and analyze the topics according to your learning abilities. The syllabus is similar to that of higher secondary level exams but the exam pattern is different. Visit the official notification on the respective website and note down the syllabus and exam pattern before starting the exam pattern.

  • Prepare with dedication and diligence

Plan a study schedule so that you can devote the proper time and give dedicated efforts to make it a success. Make a timetable according to your available time and follow it regularly. Do not break the continuity to get the best outcomes of the time and energy devoted to studies. Dedication towards studies will only come if you are careful enough to follow the regime. 

  • Generate a study atmosphere: 

A first-rate study atmosphere enables one to maintain deliberation and capitalize on learning competence. Select a place with appropriate ventilation, lighting, and negligible disturbance where you can learn quietly. Try to keep your learning consign clean as this will assist to eliminate any commotion

  • Set levelheaded goals: 

Set your goals consistent with your perspective and priorities. Having realistic targets keeps you motivated and facilitates your spotlight better instead of getting stimulate over impractical goals. Stick with specific short-term goals and work towards them with an acceptable study plan.

  • Lay down a time to finish a topic: 

Before starting any topic estimate the time needed and hard work to finish it. Be determined to complete the topic within the precise time. Craft and program your daily routine and try to avoid the things that interrupt your study schedule.

  • Use mnemonics to facilitate memorizing

Mnemonics are a remembrance method that helps to remember information to associate it with metaphors, sentences, or terms. There are several customs to use mnemonics such as connecting a concept with a visual picture. You can fabricate acronyms with the first letter of each word of a sentence or make a verse of all the words. This will help you preserve and reminisce a concept or formula with simplicity.

  • Understand the fundamentals:

Understand the fundamentals of science-based subjects such as (Physics, chemistry, and biology) with the help of the relevant resource books. Give a thorough read of the related concepts from the history, geography, and polity books to understand them the best.


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  • Use all resources to learn current affairs

Buy competitive exam magazines to learn current affairs. Besides magazines, there are other resources to learn current affairs such as the internet, TV, and newspapers. Prepare short and concise notes methodically. Write notes in pointers so that it becomes easy to revise. Some of the major topics to make notes on the most important economic/budget news, news related to science technologies, awards, and honors, abbreviations, inventions and discoveries, who is who, sports, currencies, books and authors, important days, etc.

  •  Revise from Previous Year’s Question Papers: 

After covering the entire syllabus of NDA attempt previous year question papers to revise. Access your weaknesses and strengths and resume your revision accordingly. Previous Year question papers are an authentic way to revise as these reflect the latest exam pattern and topics frequently asked in the exam. One can focus on the significant topics while revising the syllabus. Put more focus and be determined to learn thoroughly for the upcoming NDA exam.

  • Make a study group and discuss the significant topics

Join AFCAT Coaching in Chandigarh or CDS coaching in Chandigarh or NDA Coaching in Chandigarh to cover the syllabus in time. It will give you an opportunity to get the candidates targeting the same exam. Form a group with those candidates who are determined and aiming seriously for NDA or CDS or AFCAT or any of the Defence exams. Make a timetable for group discussion and give one topic to each group mate. Discuss all the topics in that group. You will be able to revise more than one topic. Group discussion will help to revise the syllabus quickly. Exchange of knowledge builds confidence and a healthy environment to learn fast.

  • Take a customary break: 

Aspirants are highly advised to take regular breaks while studying. Sitting for a continuous 8 to 10 hours may cause boredom. Take short breaks to relax and stretch your body. You can take a small nap or listen to the music of your choice or take a walk. It will refresh your mind and you will be able to grasp fast. 

  •  Take proper sleep

Sleep perk up awareness and deliberation. Avoid studying late at night and take less amount of sleep. Sleep for at least 8 hours or else it will affect your brain. You will not be able to focus and learn fast. Mind also needs rest which one can get by taking proper sleep.

Hope these tips will help you prepare thoroughly for the upcoming Defence exam on the first attempt. Keep up the best efforts and dedicate your time constructively to studies.

All the best!!!

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