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How to make a DIY (Do It Yourself) mask at home?

During this pandemic, a mask has become a very essential part of our life. We are not able to step out without wearing a mask because this works as a shield against some of the very deadly viruses like Covid-19 which can enter our body while we breathe.

So, a mask is very helpful in such a situation. The mask not only saves us from viruses but also it protects us from pollution and dust particles as well while we go out because as we know that the pollution and dust particles have risen tremendously during recent years.

Therefore, you should wear a mask while going out even if there is no airborne disease spreading. Here, we will give you a piece of complete information about the types of masks, from where you can buy them and step by step guide about how to make a mask at home.

  • How many types of masks are there?

There are various types of face masks. Some of them are very unusual and functions for some specific purposes like industrial or mining work and the general public has nothing to do with them. Here, we are going to talk about the 5 types of face masks that are used commonly:-

1) Basic cloth face mask

This is one of the most common masks we see and wear every day. These masks are very cheap and easily available that’s why the general public uses them. You can even make these types of masks at your home by simply following few steps which are discussed ahead in this article.

2) Surgical face mask

Usually, health professionals like doctors, nurses or therapists wear this type of mask. This mask can cover the maximum area of the face because it’s slightly bigger than a basic mask. These masks are used & throw and not meant to get washed for re-use.

3) N95 respirator

N95 masks have become very popular during the Covid-19 pandemic because these masks are able to prevent even the tiniest particle of a virus or bacteria. N95 masks are slightly expensive as compare to regular masks to generally people do not wear them. There is some cheap replica of N95 masks are available in the market which is not as effective as the real N95 mask but it’s fine for the day to day usage.

4) Filtering facepiece respirator

This mask is also disposable like surgical masks but these are not to prevent viruses. Filtering facepiece respirators are useful if you are allergic to any smell, dust particles or if you are in do some jobs like a carpenter or building construction.

5) Full-length face shield

A full-length face shield consists of a piece of a transparent glass look-alike plastic that covers the entire face from forehead to chin and ensures maximum safety. However, it is advised to wear along with a mask.

  • From where we can buy these masks?

Nowadays, masks are in great demand that’s why you can find them in every grocery store, chemist shops or even street vendors that are also selling masks. In addition, you can order masks online also if you are looking for some premium masks like the original N95 mask or Full-length face shield because these are very uncommon in the local market. You can also place the order online on Fabcurate using coupon code DIGESTIT10.

However, you should wash these masks with disinfectant before wearing and if the mask is disposable then at least you should sanitize it especially the inner part because these masks could be touch by many people from production to transportation and sales.

  • How to make your own mask at home?

Making your own mask at home is not a very difficult task. All you need is a spare piece of cotton fabric (i.e t-shirt, handkerchief), scissors, a ruler or tape measure and rubber bands or hair ties. These things are easily available in every household.

Step 1: Take a spare piece of the clothe and place it on a flat surface. Then, measure 7-8 inches and cut across in a rectangular shape. If you want to cut in a designer shape then it’s completely up to you. However, a simple traditional shape looks far better.

Step 2: If you have rubber bands or hair ties available to use as strings then it’s fine. But if it’s not available then you should measure about 6-7 inches from the side of that rectangle piece and cut out the material, to leave a material about half an inch at the top and bottom.

Step 3: Now, you can attach these strings to that rectangular piece. ensure that strings are properly attach otherwise these may get disconnected when you wear the mask. Moreover, the rubber bands should not be much tight and stiff because they will hurt your ears while you wear the mask for a long time.

Step 4: Finally, your DIY mask is ready to use. If you have attached the rubber bands or hair ties then you can wrap it around your ears to hold the mask or if you have simply attached the piece of clothing as strings then you will have to tie them behind your head over the neck.

Lastly, wearing a mask is very important cause this small piece of cloth can save you and your family from these deadly viruses which have affected the whole world very drastically.

Even, if you are not able to make your own mask at home and can’t buy it from the market due to any reason then at least you should cover your face with any piece of cloth whenever you step out from your home. Keep in mind that your safety is completely in your hands, So, be alert be safe.

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