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How to Make a Homemade Music Video

Creating your own music video gives your band important promotional material that is easy to distribute. Home videos can be effective and profitable alternatives to spending a lot of money on a professional address, film set, effects and other extras that can be seen in the budgets of the most popular videos. All you need to get started is a video camera, the original digital theme song, and a little creativity.


Before everything, there are some tips:


Think of a story

The first thing you have to do is find a good screenwriter, although if you think that you have the talent to write a story then get to work! Having something to tell the public, and especially something that excites them, is a plus. Avoid those music videos that only have a shot of the artist singing on a set. They are usually very boring and people forget them easily.

The importance of the set

Choosing the set is not an easy thing. It takes time and research to visit new places, never seen before in other music videos. You just have to have creativity. A  clear vision of the story that you will tell through the song. According to the most renowned directors, outdoor venues lend themselves to making the best music videos. Since – if they shoot in natural daylight – they won’t need big editing tricks or higher expenses on lighting equipment.


Dare to do something different

Music videos based on weird, abstract ideas could be great and just as exciting for audiences. The shoot does not necessarily have to literally reflect the lyrics, on the contrary. The contrast between the visual content and the lyrics could be very striking. Some videos are weird or absurd. Do not be afraid of confusing or shocking the viewer if you consider that it is the best choice for the video. 


And then, the detailed steps:

Decide what the concept of the music video will be. Determine where to record your shots and what the style of your video will be like. You must be aware of your production limitations when thinking about the logistics of the content that the music video will have.


Play the theme song for which you are recording the music video. You should listen to it at high volume on a good stereo sound system so that the band can use it as an auditory reference to match the moments in the video at the time of recording.


Record the band as they act out or perform as if they were playing along with the background music track as instructed in Step 2.

Export the recorded video from the camera to the computer where you will sync and edit the final music video.


Create a new session in the video editing program that you normally use. Puts the footage from the recorded video file onto a new channel or track. Now put the theme song you are making the music video for on a separate channel or track from the video. There are some programs that have stunning templates like FlexClip. Those templates may inspire you with more creativity to make a music video.


Mute or remove all audio from recorded video. You will not need it since what will be heard in your video will be the original theme of the band.


Synchronize the video with the audio tracks. Move audio and video forward or backward on each of their channels until they sync at the necessary point when playing. The words of the band’s theme lyrics and the movements. They make should be perfectly aligned with the music to make it appear as if they are actually playing the theme song.


Export or mix the current session into a new video file. Choose the “Export” or “Remix” options in the “File” or “Import / Export” tab in the menu bar of your video editing program.



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