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Parenting Tips for Modern Fathers

Parenting in modern times has been becoming more and more complicated for both fathers and mothers, but fathers are facing something different type of difficulties than mothers. Modern fathers remain busy in their job or for their own business with modern gadgets like laptops, Smartphones, and the internet. Even when they stay at home, they remain busy with the same things – laptop, Smartphone, and the internet. But children need attention and time from their fathers. The fathers till the 1980s were much different and used to give enough and quality parenting time to their children.

Here are tips for modern fathers that you can try to become an ideal father to your beloved child:

Give Attention When Your Child Draw Attention

Suppose, you went to a restaurant with your only child and your wife and sat together reserving a table. Suddenly, your Smartphone started vibrating and making sounds of messages and notifications from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and so on. Then, you pulled out your Smartphone and started answering, reacting, reading them, and forgot the existence of your child and wife. They tried to draw your attention over and over again, but without noticing that, you kept laughing looking at the screen of your Smartphone. Did you really do so? Is the story true? If yes, change yourself. Never be inattentive to your child. Especially when your child seeks your attention, be instantly attentive to him or her. 

Disconnect Internet Frequently Everyday

Disconnect the internet connection of your Smartphone and laptop several times every day when you are at home or with your child so that it cannot distract you from giving quality time with your child. You have to remember that a virtual father does not mean an ideal father to his son or daughter who wants to boast about their father in their adulthood.

Enjoy Having Meals with Your Children

Have dinner with your children. If possible join in family breakfast. If you are working from home as an online freelancer, have lunch, dinner, and breakfast with your children. Talk with them and smile during eating together. Ask some questions in a friendly tone and share your experience in work or something else in an easy way for them to understand.

Make Bedtime the Most Special

After the whole day of work, a good father should really miss his loving child when he goes to bed for relaxing, rest, and sleep. Put your child on your chest when you go to bed. Talk with the child and start a nice story. You can tell fairy stories or some real stories of your own. This is very important. Read some good books like The Alchemist and bedtime stories. 

Drop Off at School

Whether you go to the office or not, drop your child off at his school although your route is different. Also, continue quality talk with him or her all through the way. This will help your child feel more confident and his or her IQ level will become higher. Other children in the school praise your child by asking about you. If you get single father parenthood through surrogacy like diventare padre single, you may have parenting training. 

Play with Your Child

Children love to play but they find none to play with. As a father, you play with your child, but not video games. Play board games, hide-and-seek, football, cricket, badminton, hockey, table tennis, or even just with different kinds of baby toys. Your loving little one will become so excited having the chance to play with you that he or she will laugh and scream aloud in joy after every couple of minutes or so.

Final Thoughts 

If you follow the above 6 parenting tips for modern fathers, you can convert yourself from a modern father into an ideal father just like your father was. Modern gadgets can give us virtual pleasure or our business can give us challenges of work but our child will give us the real meaning of life.


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