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Shavasana Yoga Pose: Benefits, Steps, and Precautions

Today in this period of time, problems such as headaches and fatigue occur due to too much work or due to some kind of mental stress like disappointment, frustration, worries persist these problems worse. In such a situation, if you do Shavasana yoga every day, then surely you will stay away from these problems.

Shavasan yoga is the most effective asana to relieve mental and physical fatigue in the body. It makes the brain active and makes it logical. Shavasana yoga is a posture in which one has to lie down normally. 

This asana simply prevents many types of disease to reach out to your body. So let’s know how to do Shavasan Yoga, and what are the benefits and precautions of doing this asana-

Steps of doing Shavasana Yoga Pose

Step 1: Lie on the back and keep a gap of one and a half feet between the two legs. Keep both hands at a  minimum distance of 15 cm from the body. The direction of the palm will be towards the upper side. To support the head, you can take the help of a towel or any cloth and keep it under your head. Try to make your head straight and comfortable.

Step 2: Leave all the parts of your body loose. Close the eyes slowly. There is no movement of any limb during breathing. You put your reflex towards the breath and try to make it more and more rhythmic. Feel deep breathless and exhaling so that the whole body is becoming relaxed. All the parts of the body have calmed down. 

Step 3: Maintain consciousness of your breaths for a while. Keep the eyes closed and try to see the light of a flame in the middle of the eyebrow.

Step 4: If a thought comes to mind, look at it in a witnessing manner, do not join it, see it and let it go. In a few moments, you will also become mentally calm and stress-free.

Step 5: By keeping the eyes closed, in this case, you count from 10 to 1 or 25 to 1.  According to your comfort, you can opt for any type of counting pattern. Similarly, counting up to 0 should be counted in mind.

Step 6: If your mind wanders and you forget the count, then start the countdown again. When you count with consciousness while breathing, usually, it makes your brain calm and peaceful.

Best health tips

Benefits from Shavasan Yoga Pose

1- Being in a comfortable state, due to respiration, the body is relieved of stress and blood pressure starts flowing well.

2- Without any hard work, you can calm the mind with Shavasan yoga. Your mind becomes calm and focused with the breath.

3- Good thinking is required to make sex life better. Making your mind calm is most important for you. For peace of mind, what can be best besides Shavasana?

4- Respiration increases brain function and confidence.

5- With this posture, your brain works very fast.

6- It is also easy to avoid diabetes.

7- By doing this asana, mental illnesses such as depression, stress, etc. are benefited.

Precautions need to be taken while doing Shavasana

  1. Eyes should not be open while breathing. Try to do this asana by closing your eyes so you feel a peaceful mind at that time.
  1. Do not keep the body tight at all, leave it loose. The body should not be moved in the breath position.
  1. While breathing, do not let any thoughts come inside your mind which causes you mental tension. Keep your attention towards the breath.

Are you still keep the desire to learn more about yoga asana? So, you can join a yoga school in Rishikesh, India. This will helpful for you to get more health benefits by practicing yoga asana. 

Thus, after knowing the benefits and steps of the Shavasana yoga pose, now you can do this asana with ease.




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