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Slacker’s Guide To Parental Control App For iPhone

Parental Control App For iPhone

In the past kid having a tantrum in a restaurant or any public place and parents behaving like they don’t have ears or eyes made me so upset and mad. Believe me, the thought of what’s wrong with them and I will never become like them flashed through my mind every time. But now after been through that stage the fact that I was mad at those parents or feel bad about them makes me feel ashamed of myself.  Parenting itself is hard and especially in a public place, they need extra support from others. So my advice to all of you whenever you encounter such a situation at any public place just keep going your way without thinking any single bad thought. Because let me tell you loud and clear, all that will come back to hunt you. 

Enough rant about kids and parenting and let’s move to the next step of solving matters. I got myself well prepared for teen parenting and started research about how to keep a good relationship with teenagers. Kidding!. It was all thanks to my friend working in the tech sector that told me about the parental control app for iPhone and Android. I have been noticing the wilful side of my kid for a time but when we got the call from the principal office about the mishap in the school it was like finally decided that we are going to have a spy app to monitor the kid’s life and digital activities.

Live Screen Recording:

Use the spy app feature to directly monitor the live screen activities of the teenager at any given time. Be it late at night or any time of the day, Parents can freely check the screen of the teenager to know what they are up to. Don’t have time to make a surprise visit, then you can check about it all at the end of your day through the snapshots and short video recordings. 

Remote Mic Control:

Parents can remotely control the mic of the teenager device to listen to all the surrounding voices and sounds. This feature is very helpful to know about the daily routine and company of the teenager whenever he is at school or outside. Users can easily find out about the topic of discussion, interests, habits, and plans of the teenagers.

Geolocation Tracking: 

My kid disappeared for almost the whole day and we were close to informing the police when he suddenly reappeared with the reason that his battery died. The whole day was so stressful. But thankfully now I can track all of his whereabouts and real-time location by using the location tracking feature of the OgyMogy. 

Browsing History Information:

The Internet itself is a powerful enemy we all need to deal with. But for teenagers, it is way more dangerous than others. It has all kinds of information in possibly all media form and keeping an eye on the internet browsing history of the teenager is a necessary measure of this decade. Track the browsing history and know all about the visited sites to monitor the digital life of the teenager. Use this feature to assure that your kid does not access adult or sexual content on the internet. 

Remotely Control The Camera:

Suspicious about the location or company of the teenager, might want to see it by yourself. Wel the camera bug feature let the user check the surrounding of the teenager by using the front and rear camera of the teen’s cell phone. Parents can watch the surrounding of the teen by the captured images. 

Set the Feature Preferences:

OgyMogy spy app lets the user select the feature preference setting according to their ease. The blog sync method allows the user to completely Off or On the respective feature setting for monitoring.  

Am glad that OgyMogy offers all the useful features that can help parents to keep a strict eye on teenagers.  The whole idea behind the spy app especially the parental control feature is to help all those parents who want to live stress-free life while setting the boundaries for teenagers and providing them freedom with safety.


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