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Top Gadgets to Have in Your Home 2021

We live in an advanced world where technology has deeply penetrated our lives from every angle. This has happened to the point that most of us simply cannot function at our best without the use of technology. With that much dependence already present on tech and gadgetry, it is completely our right to also use it for our comfort and convenience. One area where this concept works the best is an in-home tech and there are plenty of amazing gadgets out there now that can make our lives very convenient. We are sharing some of the devices that are not only our favorite but also generally accepted as some of the best devices for home management. One thing that you must keep in mind when buying tech, however, is that you should get it from a reliable seller.

We love Bloomingdales for their amazing service and reliability and recommend that you buy the gadgets you like from them. They have the answer to every question under a single roof and you can buy things from them for a cheaper price as well by using Bloomingdale’s promo code. Here are a few of the things that we think you should have in your home for sure!

Google Nest

The Google Nest platform started off as an expansion project for the security service that Nest was when it launched. However, over the years, Google has turned it into a multi-dimensional project that has a wide range of amazing home devices that monitor every part of your home. You get everything ranging from security cameras to smart thermostats, audio sources, locks, and other devices. It is one of the best ecosystems that you should have in your home. Add them with other Google devices and you get the complete solution to keep your home in check all the time.

Imagine being able to look at your home from any part of the world, not having to worry about security, and saving on energy bills. You can find several Google Nest products at Bloomingdales as well and you can get them for a great price by using Bloomingdale’s promo code.

Sonos Portable Speaker

A lot of people think that great sound means you need to have a comprehensive system of high-powered speakers, subwoofers, and amps. However, what that also means is that you cannot take it away from where it is placed and if you wanted to listen to something on a good speaker, you would be confined to a specific part of your home. However, the Sonos portable speaker provides the best sound you could possibly want in a package size that is extremely small. Thanks to its incredible sound and portable style you can now enjoy your favorite playlist anywhere you want. There are quite a few smart features in it as well which makes it even easier to use. Voice control, touch panel, and huge battery life make it one of the best speakers for any home.

Bloomingdales also carries Sonos speakers in their stock so you can easily order one for yourself from there. If you want to get them for a discounted price, we recommend that you get your hands on a nice Bloomingdales promo code as well.

UV Sanitizer

With the coronavirus pandemic still ravaging all parts of the world, staying clean is one of the most important things in everyone’s mind. One thing that seems to be highly effective in neutralizing the virus is UV light. The dirtiest of all the gadgets that we own is certainly our mobile phone. It is also the one that we use the most and sticks to our faces all the time. Having it clean is something we should be concerned about all the time, even without the virus.

UV sanitizers for mobile phones come in all shapes and sizes and Bloomingdales seems to have one of the best ones. Not only do you get a sanitizer, but also a wireless charger for your phone. We highly recommend that you get this UV sanitizer as well and use Bloomingdale’s promo code to get it for a discounted price.

Cordless Vacuum

You would be surprised to know how many people still use a wired vacuum at their homes. It is the ultimate trap for people to fall on and it is also an impossible thing to manage or store. That is why battery-powered vacuums are becoming a highly popular phenomenon and people are getting more and more interested in how they perform. There are a lot of different companies that are offering wireless vacuum cleaners now but only a few seem to be effective at what they do.

Bloomingdales also has a couple of great options for you to opt for and you can get the one you like best for a great price as well by using Bloomingdale’s promo code.


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