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The Best Tree Care Tips and Techniques

The exclusive tree care tips included in this article will put you on the right path for the process of selecting, planting, and enough care for having the best tree as per the required space in your yard.


You must have the proper tree care right from the starting of the tree selection process. And then the steps you take with tree services Sydney within a few years will show how the strength, shape, and lifespan of the tree. If you go on to follow these steps dedicatedly it is ensured that will provide you tree a good start for a healthy life ahead:


Choosing the correct type of tree for your yard

The right care for the tree starts right when you select the correct tree that you can plant at the right place in your yard as per the weather. You always have to ensure that the tree thrives during all the season especially when they are grown in the best shape where they are placed at the right place. Some essential portions you require to include:


  • What is the purpose of the tree? Are you planning to add more aesthetics, shade/energy reduction, privacy, street tree, or windbreak? The purpose for what you are choosing the tree will determine what type you have to purchase.


  • What are the limitations you have at the planting site? What hardiness zone do you have? Once the tree will be mature what will be the estimated height and spread of that in your space? How much sun exposure will you get and what kind of soil condition you have? The information you have gathered will take care of all your trees and shrub areas in the longevity.


This way you will learn a lot about planting the correct tree at your place. You can also learn new things with the tree expert or learn skills online that will allow you to narrow down all your choices and select the right tree for the right place.


Always select a healthy tree

As we talked about earlier, the right tree care starts with choosing a healthy tree. In this section we will be looking at the benefits you can provide life to your trees:


a) Bare-root seedlings

  • Roots should be moist and fibrous.
  • There should be the same length in the roots and stem for the deciduous seedlings.


b) Balled and Bur lapped trees

  • Root balls should provide a firm touch and especially near the trunk.
  • For the tree’s size, the root ball should be adequate.


c) Container-grown trees

  • The container should not have large, circling roots.
  • The wide length shouldn’t be more than a finger where the pruned roots should have a clean cut.
  • Tightly join the soil and roots


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The additional considerations you have to take care of while purchasing mature tree: 

  • Choose a well-developed leader that has a strong built
  • Bright, healthy bark
  • There shall be no insect or mechanical injury on the trunk and limbs
  • The trunk has a good distribution of branches, considerable smaller caliper than the trunk
  • The ideal branch spacing for most of the species should be 8-12”
  • Good trunk taper
  • To have strength look wide-angle crotches
  • With the low branches, you can develop temporary taper, have better growth with the trunk caliper, and there will be prevention from sun damage.


Focus on proper mulching: Mulch is the best friend you can give to a new place planted tree since it has several benefits:

  • It insulates the soil, where there will be prevention from heat and cold.
  • It keeps the roots moist by retaining the water.
  • With this, there will be no root competition
  • Prevents soil compaction
  • You will have low lawnmower damage


Steps you need to ensure while adding mulch around your tree:

  • Remove all the grass that is surrounding a 3-foot area that goes max for 10 feet large tree
  • Try to pour natural mulch into your trees such as wood chips or bark pieces 2 to 4 inches deep within the circle
  • Keep the mulch from getting in contact with the trunk of the tree


Tree watering

One important part involved in tree care is tree watering but this is not easy as it sounds since you have to make an important decision as per the climate situation. You can know about the guidelines involved in watering trees properly.

 If you have a new tree, you need to water it immediately after planting it and that period should be within 30 seconds followed by a steady stream of water using a garden hose with a nozzle that goes in the diffuser. During the initial growing seasons, your newly planted tree will go through a lot of changes hence you will see that the energy is getting spent with the root establishment.



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