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Ultimate Choice for Modern Bathroom – Combination Vanity Unit

Combination Vanity Unit – An Ultimate Choice for Modern Bathroom

A combination vanity unit is a complete suite containing matching items such as a WC unit, back-to-wall toilet, etc. You can easily fix these items on the vanity unit’s sides or any other place in the bathroom. The idea of these bathroom suites comes from the need of matching bathroom items for a coordinated look. 

As people want their bathroom bigger and turning into a rejuvenating place, there is a need that it only becomes highly functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The luxurious and modern look is not possible without bathroom utilities matching in style, Size, and Colour. Besides that, it may be very hectic to find the matching bathtub, vanity unit, toilet, or bath if you buy each item separately. That’s why we have created a complete suite of bathroom items in a single package.

Here in this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about a combination vanity unit.

What’s included in a Combination Vanity Unit?

Almost these bathroom suites include a vanity unit with an optional top sink and WC unit toilet pack. As you are already aware, the WC unit toilet pack has a hidden cistern in the wall or furniture. The toilet pan is attached to it. The primary benefit of buying this bathroom suite is that everything included in the package has the same Colour and style. So, they cannot save you from the hassle and time to find items for a coordinated look. These packages come at fewer prices compared to buying standalone units. 

What Style Do You Prefer?

Considerations while choosing a bathroom suite are the style of vanities included in the package. You remember that the choice is style is all about the type of looks you want to create in the bathroom. Make sure the bathroom suite has the same style as other bathroom fitting and fixtures. Otherwise, you could not create a coordinated look. You should match the Colour and style to see if it blends well in the bathroom. The style of vanity should also depend on the design and size of your bathroom. You don’t want to fix a large vanity unit in small, or a smaller one in the enormous bathroom. That’s why most of these suites have sizes mentioned in the product details. So, you must always check the description for this information. If you have a small bathroom or cloakroom, you can easily find the bathroom suite having a compact size vanity and WC unit. 





What Colour Do you Prefer? 

The Colour of the vanity unit and the toilet may have a huge effect on the entire bathroom color scheme. Therefore, carefully choose the Colour of your bathroom package. Different brands may have different colors of their vanity units on offer. Even with the same Colour, they may drastically differ in the shade and finish, requiring your attention. Our bathroom suites include vanity unit and WC units in 4 different colors, including Grey, Grey indigo, Gloss White, and hale black. White with a gloss finish is always a popular option, and you will not go wrong with it. However, grey is also always in trend. 

Other Considerations. 

Besides the above-discussed considerations, you may also need to look for

  1. Always measure the space in your bathroom and match it with the size of items included in the bathroom suite.
  2. You should also check what the vanity and WC unit is made of. Mostly MDF wood vanity unit is available and prefers them as these are durable and can resist moisture in the bathroom.
  3. Another important consideration is your budget, and it may easily go above if you decide to fix the combination of vanity units in the new place. That is because you will need to create new connections to the bathroom which may be highly expensive. Fixing them in the existing plumbing will save you money.


Get Combination Vanity Unit from Royal Bathrooms UK.

You may not like to spend money on the combination of vanity units after every few years. So always buy from a reputable brand for quality products. At Royal Bathrooms Uk, we have an extensive range of bathroom suites in different styles and colors. You would love the quality and looks of our vanity and WC units. 


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