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2021: Where You Can Design Logo Online

This post is going to share the five best logo Design software online in this overview of logo generators so you can make a great logo for your brand on a budget.

Why is the logo so important?

Since it exists as such, electronic commerce has evolved powerfully year by year. The needs and searches of potential customers are becoming more specific and more demanding. The days of finding a boring and poorly served niche and populating your URL with your segment keywords are over, as search engine algorithms ignore blatant attempts to rank your name.

The new era in e-commerce is strongly brand-driven, so having a good logo is so important.

A logo is such a small image of a brand, but at the same time, it is one of the most consumer-oriented features. Your brand is the sum of the interaction of each visitor and customer with your audience.

Although not all the people who come to your website will buy and experience every element of your brand, such as the product, unboxing experience, customer service, etc. However, absolutely everyone will see their logo.

A few years back, there were a limited number of logo design options: either you did it yourself with some clip art, or you had to hire the services of a professional designer for whom you paid a fair amount of money, and you didn’t always agree. There was no middle ground for eCommerce merchants who wanted a great logo without having to do it themselves or shell out a big chunk of the budget.

Currently, however, a significant number of tools allow you to generate effective logos at different prices that e-commerce merchants can use to create a great logo for their new brand.

Let’s check out the 5 best low-cost logo generator options for your new business.


Boasting of having more than 10,000 logo templates and millions of icons, DesignEvo promises you to design a cool logo. Its design is user-friendly, and its drawings are simple but very intuitive and representative. Like any tool, it allows you to combine shapes, icons, and text with the color palette. You can also choose an image saved on your computer and customize it.

If you want your logo for free, you must choose the low-resolution digital option. You will get a ZIP file, including JPG and PNG.


This is perhaps the most famous program for creating professional logos due to its advertising. As usual, you start by entering your name or that of your company. And with some filters, you can choose from thousands of logos with a professional finish. The worst thing is that it does not allow many customization options (although you can always use another program for that). Finally, you register on their page, and you can download your logo for free in low resolution; for a better quality image, you must pay.


Logogenie is a simple way to design your logos. You can select various designs and modify your logo in just a few clicks. But don’t be fooled. It has many options in its tool. Its advanced edition allows from choosing different types of fonts to combining texts with Icons.

It must clarify that the program requires you to register as a user and then download your logo in Logogenie for free.


Practical and straightforward page, for when you want to create your logo in 5 minutes, you select a template and start to personalize it. Despite offering very fun fonts, it does not have many tools to work with. Although it does not require anything to download your result, its excessive advertising may not allow you to concentrate.


This program was the one when you have no knowledge of design. And it is that in addition to logos, Canva allows you to create brochures, business cards, covers, invitations, and anything that fits on the paper. Its web version allows you to design logos without downloading any program, all online.


And finally, you have checked out these five logo-making tools. These have their selling features, limitations as well. You can try all and choose one that best suit. Wish you can get some inspiration from this post.

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