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Why Learn Data Science in 2021?

The Scenario of Data Science

Glass door ranked data science as its most important and popular work. Because? The answer is the massive exponential increase in data. Data is the fuel of the industry. Big Data revolutionized companies and gave them a competitive advantage. These companies need qualified employees who know how to manipulate, manage, analyze and understand data trends.

Why Learn Data Science?

Below are some reasons that will surely convince you to make a career in Data Science and some job oriented courses.


1. A fuel of 21st Century

In the 21st century, data is the new engine of the sector. Even the automotive industry uses data to transmit range and improve the safety of their vehicles. The idea is to create powerful machines that think in terms of data.

Data science is also the electricity that powers the industry today. Industries need data to improve their performance, expand their business and deliver better products to their customers.


1.1 How Data Scientist Does Make Sense of Data?

A data scientist will use their tools to shape all of this data and extract meaningful observations that will help companies make informed decisions. Similarly, a healthcare company that specializes in building discussion platforms for mentally ill patients needs data to analyze trends and patterns. The auto industry needs data to develop self-driving cars.

However, it has only recently become possible to explore and learn from its true potential. It was only in the last decade that we began to represent data as fuel for industry. The main reason for this recent revolution is to increase computing power.

1.2 High-Performance Computing – An Answer to Complex Data

With the high-performance computing platforms like

  • GPU
  • FPGA
  • TPA

With Data Science We were able to process so much data in a bulk. These advanced computer systems allow us to analyze and extract information from this data. Despite all these advances, the data remains a vast ocean that is growing by the second. While the wealth of data can be useful to the industry, the problem lies in the ability to use that data.


2. Problem of Demand & Supply

As explained above, there is a lot of data. However, there are not enough resources to turn this data into useful products. That said, there aren’t enough people with the skills to help organizations unlock the data’s potential. For this reason, data scientists are lacking.

Much of this stems from the infancy of data science as a field.  in the market there is a lack of data literacy. To fill this void, you need to educate yourself about data science and its underlying fields.

Data science is not an independent field. It consists of several subfields. These subfields are

  • Statistics
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science 
  • Core Knowledge

3. A Lucrative Career

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a data scientist is $ 117,345 / year. which is above the average of national that is $ 44,564. As a result, a data scientist earns 163% more than the national average salary. This makes data science an extremely profitable career choice.

Data science requires a person to be proficient and knowledgeable in various fields, such as statistics, mathematics, and computer science. The learning curve is quite steep. Therefore, the value of a data scientist on the market is very high.


4. Data Science makes the World a Better Place

Big Data & Data Science is more than a business intelligence tool. Several multinational companies and social organizations use data to create products for the social good. In addition, several health organizations are using data to help doctors gain a better view of their patients’ health.


4.1 Data Science in Healthcare

Another important use of data is in medicine and health. Various health sectors use historical data sets to predict disease and help with early detection. With the deep learning algorithms in data science, it is possible to detect tumors and other defects at an early stage of diagnosis.


Data science also supports the genome industry in analyzing the effects of drugs on genetic problems, analyzing genetic sequences, and developing new drugs to fight diseases. In this way, data science helps people in various socioeconomic and health sectors.


 job oriented courses


5. Data Science is a Tomorrow’s Career

Industries are focused on data and all news is made every day. The technology sector has become dynamic and more and more people are being generated with more and more people interacting with the Internet. The industry needs data scientists to help them make smarter decisions and create better products. The data sees it as electricity from modern gadgets and applications. It makes products smart and gives them autonomy.



The above article taught t Data Science has transformed our society. Data Science gives meaning to data. It converts crude data into meaningful products that can be used by industries to generate insights and recognize market trends the supply of specialized Data Scientists and a fast increase in demand.



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