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Sri Lanka 9 Greatest Places || beautiful places in Sri lanka

Sri Lanka 9 Greatest Places

During your next vacation in this peaceful country, scroll down to find out where you can all go for a wonderful trip with your friends and family. Make sure all the experiences you need to encounter in Sri Lanka in these magnificent locations! In this tranquil and richly cultured island situated in the middle of the rich greenery, there are the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka Tour Packages.



Jaffna – Explore The Historical Architectures

Looking for Sri Lankan religious tourist spots? The town is also called the Temple City of Sri Lanka, as its location includes some of Sri Lanka’s most lovely temples and one of Sri Lanka’s best spiritual retreat attractions. The temple of Nallur Kovil is the most visited temple.

This temple still has the largest number of visitors, and the temple is the most crowded. The people who come to visit this are also visited other temples in the vicinity. The other attraction of the site is the Jaffna Fort, besides these temples. It is also a symbol of Sri Lanka’s history and is a beautiful monument to see.

Ulpotha – Land Of Ayurveda

The studies of Ayurveda and Yoga are another thing that Sri Lanka is famous for. The village of Ulpotha is very peaceful, and in the middle of nature, you can practice Yoga. This place looks like near the moon, and it’s very nice to spend time here.

There are a number of yoga and retreat centers for Ayurveda. Then you should come here to gain more interest, even if you’re less keen on these things. It is thought to be one of Sri Lanka’s most peaceful tourist destinations!


Trincomalee – The Temple City

Would you like to visit any unusual locations in Sri Lanka? He or she will visit this place for those who enjoy water sports and would like to live underwater. This is one of Sri Lanka’s great beaches. This is what a beach can give its tourists preferably.

The most important thing about this beach is that it has some very wonderful touch teachers. So you can go and feel the true underwater experience in the best way possible. Besides, there are few temples around, so you can also go and see them.


Kandalama – The Surreal Village

Again, we’re talking about Sri Lanka’s lovely yet peaceful and pious location. This is another town and Kandalama is named after this town. This promises that you can’t experience anywhere else in the world. This is a promise. It’s a place where you can go to the stars. You read it correctly, yes! Yes. Here you have a hot ball service that takes you across the sky. Clearly, it is one of Sri Lanka’s best locations.


Tissamaharama – Picture Worthy Place

This place is known as one of the places for those interested in photography and stuff in Sri Lanka. Photographers really enjoy their job and what they don’t do to get the perfect picture, as this is one of Sri Lanka’s best tourist attractions.

You can also come to the town in Tissamaharama if you belong to the same group too. This place has the most picturesque landscapes and in this place, you will get a beautiful shot of flying birds.


Anuradhapura – See The Bodhi Tree

Anuradhapura is another of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful destinations. It is one of Sri Lanka’s former capital renowned for the Bodhi Tree and its locations must be seen in Sri Lanka. It is the same tree from which Lord Buddha has attained his illumination. 

Besides the Bodhi Tree, there are a variety of temples and religious sites that Anuradhapura offers. You certainly can come to this place if you are in Search of Spirituality in Sri Lanka. Another thing you can’t afford to miss is the brick dagobas.




Horton Plains National Park – Of Lakes And Greenery

Without mention of Horton Plains National Park, the list of best places to visit in Sri Lanka is incomplete. For those who enjoy nature and hiking lovers, a trip down the Horton plains should certainly take place. The final walking point is the end of the universe from where you can enjoy the etheric view. In the park, there are also nebulous waterfalls, delightful lakes, and a variety of plant fauna

At least one day in the park will be required. The walk to the end of the world takes about 4 km, and the whole circuit takes about 4 hours. Do not skip the Cafe and the visitor center of the Far Inn Hunting lodge.


Sinharaja Forest Reserve – Tropical Beauty

Without listing Sinharaja Forest Reserve, the list of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka is incomplete. If there are plenty of things in Sri Lanka, they are flora-fauna. Host to lions, the Sinharaja Forest Reserve is one of the high points to visit in Sri Lanka for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. This place should be visited because a number of endangered birds and mammals are present.

Singaraja is also Sri Lanka’s last viable rainforest area and therefore an important hotspot for biodiversity. No wonder. It is bordered on both sides by the rivers.


Udawalawe National Park – With Wild Animals

If you want to see elephants in Sri Lanka, then list Udawalawe National Park as hard to notice elephants. The National Park was built along the boundaries of Sabaragamuwa and Uva to accommodate the wildlife that was displaced when the Udawalawe Reservoir was being constructed in the Walawe River.

Your jaw will fall due to the charming landscape and lush greenery of the area. Find a number of leopards and other mammals, such as birds and wild animals. 



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