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Manali tourist places || Places to see in Manali || Manali visit

Manali tourist places || Places to see in Manali || Manali visit

Manali is the place of all in India that is precious and beautiful. One of the favorites former British leaders in India, this quaint hill station used it to retire and Shimla to during the hot summer months. Today, for tourists all over the world, young and old alike, it is a tourist attraction.

Do you plan to go to Manali for a holiday? Here are our top 9 tips for places to visit with your loved ones in Manali:

Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Transfer synonyms Manali for the greater part of the people. It is considered to be one of Manali’s best visited by most travelers. It is one of the few places of snowfall in India that are enough to cover a variety of skiing and sledding events. In the December global holidays, of course, to see the snowfall you have to visit Manali, but the good news is that snow lasts until the summer. Winter is very serious here, and only trustworthy tour operators bundle in warm clothes and sell skiing and sledding facilities. 


It is difficult to visit Manali and take a detour to Kullu, just outside. Many tour operators actually sell packages of Kullu-Manali so you can select these if you like. Kullu is less than Manali, but it is just as beautiful and really charming. See revised Manali guides for more information on what to see. You should look forward to great shopping, street-stall restaurants, city squares, ancient temples and shrines, and a lot of adventure.

Vashist Baths

The famous Vashist Temple must definitely be one of the places to visit in Manali for those who want Spiritually too. The temple contains the well-known Vashist Baths – they say, like the famous Lourdes Springs in France, cleanse you of all sin. However, this hypothesis has its benefit, as there are hot sulfur springs in the baths with excellent medicinal qualities. If your skin or hair is damaged by a family member, you must surely dip in the springs and see if you can get a cure. The Tourist Board of Manali has separate baths for men and women and changing areas.


Another must-see location in Manali is the small and picturesque town of Manikaran. Not much has to be done here, but there are tremendous photo opportunities to refresh social media feeds. Here is every turn, every frame, every postcard, like an image. It’s green all year long and does not suffer a lot of snowfall even in winter, between the famous rivers Beas and Parvati. Come and enjoy some delicious language here in the famous Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara.

Solang Valley

Outside Manalí, there are also several attractions, one of which is Solang Valley. It is the best spot for a visit in the summer season when the whole valley flowers and leaves in full bloom. Sometimes due to the abundance of flowering trees and plants, the Valley is scented by nature and you can take a rope ride over it to see its stunning beauty from the viewpoint.

Van Vihar

Manali’s natural beauty will make you further explore it, but you have to head towards Van Vihar, a locally run park in the heart of Mall Road if you want the chance to get mixed up with other tourists and locals. The Park is equipped with a jogging and walking trail, green landscaped areas to stroll or sit on, and a small artificial swimming pool. There are small children in the community who want to spend their anxious time instead of only visiting. It’s perfect for exploring.

Manali Sanctuary

Don’t forget the animal kingdom when you are in Manali. Manali Sanctuary, housing rare birds and wildlife, is one of the best places to visit in Manali for lovers of fauna. In reality, the mona, the state bird, is the only place in all Himachal Pradesh in all its splendor. There are several other wildlife like snow leopard, musk deer, and Indian bears apart from many migratory and domestic bird species.

Chandrakhani Pass

Let’s take you back on the tour road – that’s what you’re all about in Manali! Chandrakhani Pass, situated between the fiery Parvati River and the valley, is one of Manali’s most amazing places to visit. This is not for the fainthearted: it’s often considered to be a little anxious to experienced trekkers. This is an old walking trail. We will recommend you take this path with an experienced guide and wear strong boots with a single grip of rubber. You can only have your resorts in Manali, if you prefer not to walk, especially if young children or senior residents are with you.

Old Manali

We’d be cautious if we weren’t suggesting the most wonderful neighborhood while you’re vacating in Manali and have an idea of where to see. Old Manali, one of Manali’s most popular places to visit, is one of the earliest settlements of the area. It still has houses constructed in traditional style today that are home to several hundred people. The area has a calm feeling that has to be experienced in person. But the passing of time and the endless influx of visitors has somewhat modernized the place – you can see some new cafés and informal shops that sell local beverages. Check Best December Global Festivals 


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