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HirinGuru – Best Skills Assessment Platform to Hire Developers

Imagine investing days and weeks for reviewing the endless resumes just to find the best candidate for the job opening; we get it; it’s extremely troubling. For the same reason, multiple recruiting platforms have been launched that empower recruiters to find the best candidate (but with ease!). These recruiting platforms are designed to speed up the recruiting process.

One such platform is Hiringuru, and it’s taken the industry by storm. Hiringuru is famous for providing technical assistance to recruiters and streamline the hiring process. Even more, it’s a promising platform for hiring candidates remotely. Below, we are sharing the in-depth review of Hiringuru and show what it has to offer!

Hiringuru – The Brief

It is a cloud-based recruitment platform for companies that need to hire developers, coders, and programmers. Hiringuru has been integrated with multiple automated tools that empower the organization to hire the best possible candidate for the specific positions.

It’s obvious that resumes don’t offer a broad image of the capabilities of the candidate. That being said, testing the candidates through skill assessment exercises is the feasible and result-oriented option. With Hiringuru, the business owners are able to assess the technical knowledge of every candidate, irrespective of the skill level. There is a myriad of tools that help test the technical knowledge and expertise of the candidates.

The best part is that Hiringuru is a versatile platform, which isn’t only restricted to machine learning and artificial intelligence. That’s to say because Hiringuru can help evaluate the technical skills and expertise of data scientists and IT & software engineers through various frameworks. The frameworks usually include Java, C, Python, and C++.

Features of Hiringuru

To begin with, Hiringuru has a user-friendly interface which is great for non-techy people. Compared with the tools and functionalities offered by other competitors, Hiringuru brings many advance and robust features to streamline the recruitment and assessment process. Above all, all processes will be quickened up, so you don’t have to worry about filling an immediate position. For providing better insights into the features of Hiringuru, we have outlined every feature, such as;




Signing-in or registering is an important feature of every recruiting platform, and Hiringuru has designed the single-step sign-in process. That’s to say because users can register with the platform easily through social media accounts. For instance, the users can use the single-click option to sign up with Facebook or Google.

Question Bank 

The technical recruitment process isn’t the easiest for businesses, especially when business leaders aren’t tech-savvy. For this reason, Hiringuru has designed the question bank that has a plethora of questionnaires and problem scenarios.  The stock questions are structures in a way to ensure a robust assessment of candidates for their technical knowledge and provide an ideal option for businesses to quickly implement technical assessment of candidates.

Coding Tests 

To begin with, there is a huge stock of questionnaires and problem scenarios already available in Hiringuru. However, if someone isn’t satisfied with the available tests and questions, the users can create customized coding tests for different programming languages. If the interviewer or business owners have the technical expertise or looking to meet certain hiring criteria, the customization feature is a great option to keep the synchronization.

Integrated Development Environment 

Hiringuru has an exceptional integrated development environment with interactive design. The users can easily submit the solutions. The IDE also eliminates any need for external applications.  

Programming Language Support 

Hiringuru brings complete technical recruitment solutions for coders, data scientists, and software engineers. The platform supports multiple programming languages, so you don’t have to worry about your business’s next technical recruitment. The programming languages supported by the platform include AI-ML, C++, Python, Java, PHP, JavaScript, and C#.

Analytics & Reporting 

Testing is the most important part of the process, and analytics and reporting tools will deliver valuable information about the performance and skills of each candidate. Hiringuru delivers detailed and interactive reports that help determine the expertise and performance of the candidates. In particular, the analytical report is intuitive that provides statistical performance information. These stats make it easier for organizations to hire a competitive candidate.

Support For Every Company 

Hiringuru is an incredibly versatile recruiting platform which makes it suitable for companies of different sizes. Hiringuru is an enterprise-ready platform. It empowers the companies to implement the screening processes for a wide interviewee base. Above all, Hiringuru has an effective and efficient system that ensures that you hire the most competitive and talented person.

Pricing –Pay As You Go

This is the test attempt pricing plan available starting at $10/test. This plan offers customized coding, unlimited descriptive tasks, MCQs, and custom test suites. Also, it offers 24*7 customer support.


This plan is available at $240 monthly and allows one user. It offers unlimited descriptive tasks, custom test suites, and MCQs. It has a cheating prevention system, along with thirty test attempts. Lastly, customer support is available all the time.


This plan is available at $500 monthly and allows five users. It offers one-hundred test attempts, twenty custom coding tasks, unlimited descriptive tasks, and MCQs.  Customer support is available 24/7.


There is no fixed pricing for this plan because it depends on the features that companies choose. The companies can access unlimited test attempts, users, coding tasks, descriptive tasks, MCQ, and test suites. In addition, it has a success manager, employer branding, and customized feature development. The ATS integrations are top-notch, and the cheating prevention systems ensure that candidates don’t cheat. All in all, customer support is available around the clock.

The Benefits Of Choosing Hiringuru

To begin with, Hiringuru allows organizations to recruit the best candidates even if they don’t have the technical expertise. It allows the organizations to assess the weaknesses and strengths of the candidates. For the most part, it saves time from manual assessment and interview process, hence better standards.

The Final Verdict

Summing up, Hiringuru has quickly become a preferred choice and a reliable platform for businesses looking to hire the best candidates and ease the recruitment process. Above all, it fits the bills for every business with different budget sizes. Also, it delivers value for money, and organizations will be able to make promising recruitment decisions!

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