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Industrial equipment: operation and technical maintenance

We cannot talk about industrial production without taking into account the need to have good quality industrial equipment. This equipment is essential and is improved from year to year, in order to ensure the competitiveness and innovation objectives facing all current industries. The personnel must thus be qualified enough not only to make the best use of this innovative equipment but also for maintenance supposed to prolong its life.

What is industrial equipment?

In the exercise of the entirety of its activity, an industrial company must use a set of machinery, machines and technical tools. We thus speak of industrial equipment or production goods to designate all the working equipment essential for the proper functioning of the industrial structure.

An industrial machine used to produce consumer goods that will then be marketed locally, nationally, or internationally is thus part of it. This also applies to machines used for lifting goods, storing and finishing products. Ultimately, industrial equipment fulfills various functions which may be that of production, storage, processing, or even packaging.


It can be purchased directly or acquired through an operating lease or lease. This equipment is thus classified among the tangible fixed assets of the industrial company, with a use that is generally durable and therefore different from that of simple consumables. These assets can nevertheless be replaced in the event of destruction or of a marked drop in performance with regard to operating and productivity objectives.

Difference between industrial equipment and tools

Industrial tools and equipment are both part of the industrial goods that a business needs for everyday use. However, we can distinguish these two names of tools and equipment with the help of the use that is made of them, and the level of financial investment they require from the managers of the company.

Characteristics of industrial equipment

It is possible to speak not only of industrial equipment but also of machines and equipment to give a name to these goods used in the company and by the company itself. This purchased or leased It essentially consists of heavy equipment used for machining:

Fixed equipment automated or controlled by industrial operators;

Lifting equipment, such as cranes, pallet trucks, hoists, etc.;

Equipment for transporting raw materials, finished products, or other types of goods such as trucks, carts, overhead cranes, etc.;

Robotic equipment;

Mounting and assembly material;

Precision equipment such as sewing, sewing, etc.;

Storage equipment: drums, containers, and various containers of fluids or tools such as workshop trolleys.

Industrial equipment, therefore, varies according to the activity carried out by the company; it changes from one company to another. All this equipment is important and must also benefit from a maintenance plan sufficient to remain operational for several years


The characteristics of industrial tools

We will speak specifically of industrial tools when it comes to equipment that helps ensure the safety of employees, but that also goes into the maintenance of It, heavier.

In the category of industrial tools, we will have the following examples:

Precision tools: grinder, drill, among others;

Intervention tools: such as screwdrivers, pliers, adjustable wrenches, wrenches, etc.;

Small equipment: category in which we find screws, bolts, gaskets or even nuts;

Equipment used for access: scaffolding, ladders, stepladder, etc.

Measuring equipment;

Reserves of gas, oil, fuel, etc.;

Sanitary and electrical equipment: electric wires, light bulbs, switch, plumbing, etc.;

Cleaning or protective equipment: fire extinguisher, chemical cleaner, alarm, etc.

Even though the tooling is lighter than It and also less expensive. A company in the industrial sector cannot do without it, however, because its efficiency depends on it.

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